Bobbie is an Atlanta based lifestyle blogger, who has recently deemed as living her life unapologetically all while trying to keep up with the demands her corporate full-time job (oh, there’s a part-time job as well), a healthier lifestyle, a new relationship and being that cool ass friend, auntie, sister….all while trying not to spending all her hard earned money on the latest beauty items at Sephora or Ulta.

Born and raised in Inkster, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit), Bobbie has spent the last 10+ years residing in Atlanta. Blogging since 2009, she used blogging as an outlet to sharpen her writing skills; which turned into a place she grew to love and started sharing her experiences and opinions on various lifestyle topics.

With a recent blog name change, you will find Bobbie discussing various topics as it relates to her real life and yes even in her mid-forties, she does not have it all together, but who does? That’s the beauty of it all.